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Tha Alkaline Hour

Alkaline Trap Puffer Coat - Guanabana

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The Alkaline Trap Puffer Coat is a Luxury Piece of Apparel with Limited Supply. The Inside of this coat is made with 100% Mulberry Silk including the lining on the hair, helping you keep the fabric on your largest organ your skin nontoxic. Owners of this Jacket will stand out in the crowd and express their love for the Alkaline Lifestyle in a fashionable way. 

This product contains an RFID Chip allowing owners exclusive access within our app. Owners will be able to redeem our crypto coin that comes with jacket and spend in app and in store. Owners of our Sour Sop and/or Strawberry Mane NFT receive discounts on this Coat. (This App and Crypto token has not been created yet however, owners will be able to access technology once we complete our app.) 


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